“Next 7 Days, Not Our (Troy and Micah’s) Fault”

Contrary to popular belief, we run an extremely tight ship over here on the Blog.  As is the case with any business, we offer our employees time off to unplug from the grind of the salt mill and enjoy some rest and relaxation.  However, when you just spring it upon me suddenly (months ago) that I have a coworker who wants to take time off the 2nd week of the season, you can see how this puts the Pirate Ship in a tough spot.  Well, such is the case with in our current situation with our Tech nerd, David.  David has decided that he wants to travel and see the world and will be unreachable due to his travels for the upcoming week.  “Where is he going on vacation that he can’t be reached via this new invention to mankind called the internet,” you may ask?  He’s hiking 30 miles over 4 days to the mysterious Manchu Pichu ruins.  Believe it or not, there are no hotels with wifi on his walkabout in the jungles, so that leaves Troy and myself to fend for ourselves in uncharted waters for a week.  I have my concerns that I’d like to voice now so that we are out ahead of any scrutiny that may come over the next few days.


  1. Troy and I really don’t know how this site works. We know that we send stuff to David and it magically appears online.  Sure, I can post an article here or there, but videos????  The whole entertainment of Charrrger Nation for the next week is riding on Troy and my abilities to get this content out there.  Did David leave directions in an email?    But the chances of me going to my email, opening the email, reading the words, and applying it to action is a long shot.  Now, I’m not saying this is anybody’s fault, but this is all on David.
  2. Vacations are for relaxation, and this “vacation” seems more like an extended Spartan Race. In my defense, I did tell our tech team (David) that there are vacations you can take with wifi, pools, and little effort in the form of exercise.  We as a group (Troy and I) can’t be held responsible for any harm that comes to David during this event.  It’s been over a decade since David has laced up the shoes.  Now he’s hiking through the jungle and living in tents?  I’ve known David a long time, and his night time rituals of washing his face and combing his luscious flowing bangs are not going to be easy to do without on the trails.  We’ve reached out to our lawyer to sign waivers and documents holding only himself responsible for the outcome of the Blog in his absence.  Again, it’s nobody’s fault, but…..
  3. Lastly, we did reach out in a legally binding fashion (text message – iMessage if it makes a difference in a court of law) to our attorney, Andy Donovan. We asked for “legal advice for the Blog advising David not to go on his hike for safety reasons while also holding the Blog void of any kind of liability for his well-being.  Also, Troy and I aren’t geeks, so any fallout (not getting things posted, etc) is completely on David.”  Here is our attorney’s response. ” The blog is not vicariously liable for any injuries suffered by David, or alternatively, any injuries or accidents caused by David wherein a third-party suffers physical or economic harm. I‎t is the blog’s position that David is acting outside the scope of his employment with respect to any action pertaining to this trip.

    Furthermore, seeing as how David will be outside the jurisdiction of the courts of the United States, the blog will be indemnified and held harmless for any actions performed by David, in relation to his employment with the blog, while in whatever country he’s going to.

    ****[this is not legal advice]****

We wish ourselves (Troy and I) the best of luck as we are left to run a Multi-dollar website with a skeleton crew.  If anything goes wrong, you know who’s to blame…. #ChargeOn

One thought on ““Next 7 Days, Not Our (Troy and Micah’s) Fault”

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