Miss College/ CBU Preview

We’ve got a little “Throwback Thursday” for everybody this week.  Instead of the Pod, you get me in the form of the written word.  It’s good for the soul, and we believe that it’s good for the cause to get back to our roots before what is a must win for the boys in Clinton, Mississippi tonight.  I’ve thought long and hard about what to say to Charger Nation after another loss in the Okra field to the WOAT Jim Boone.  What I’ve come up with is this: We’ve lost to Delta at Delta every year since “the war”.  Nothing has changed.  We’re still poised to achieve everything we want and control our own destiny.  Now, will we need to score more than 50 point to be successful?  Uhhhhh, yes.  However, what if I told you that teams Lennie coached used to routinely play games in the 60s and 50s and win his fair share?  What if I told you (ESPN 30/30 voice) that the Chargers grew up on low scoring games where we played good defense?  Well, pull up a seat next to the campfire, boys and girls.  Papa Pageviews has a story to tell.

The Chargers in my day were not as talented as today’s version.  So we were forced to run Princeton to get offense a lot of times.  Coach used to say, “we’ll get a layup or an open 3” and he was absolutely right.  That being said, I don’t believe this year’s Chargers are going to convert to the Princeton now and walk it up the court like CBU will do on Saturday, but it raises a point I’d like to address to the rest of the GSC.  If you’re the GSC, you better let us start scoring more.  If you don’t, Coach is going to break the emergency glass on his playbook and it will be curtains for the opposition.  Do you really want the mad scientist, Leonard Acuff, to lock himself inside his secret lab at Spragins Hall and devise cunning witchcraft plays that are impossible to defend so that we can score points??   No sir.  Let this be a warning to all programs in the GSC……. Don’t make Lennie have to get in his lab.  Kelly won’t see him for weeks once he dives in.

As for the game tonight, Mississippi College (the birthplace of Carl Ward, Justin’s alter-ego) is going to be ready to give us their best shot.  They’re coming off a win against UNA this week.  If it were 2017, I’d make a Bobby Champ comment here, but we don’t do that anymore.  Stacey Mack is still averaging 15ppg like he has for what is seems a decade for them, while Ham, Johnson, and Dillon contribute double figure scoring along with him.  It’ll be a test, but it’s one that I believe we will pass.  We have to bounce back for a win tonight going into Saturday against CBU.

CBU is a team we are all too familiar with.  The #5 team in the nation dropped on to AUM this week for their first loss of the season, so they’ll be focused coming into Spragins.  Larkin and Dieball are their high scorers that we will need to contain.  They run a methodical offense that typically equates to a close game, so we will need to play all 40 minutes at a high level.  The Chargers are undefeated at home, and if we can defend home court this year, everything will work out for the good.

All in all, “Guys, we’re fine”.  In Lennie we trust.  #ChargeOn

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